I Was Given A Secret Financial Key

10 years ago my husband and I faced an epic financial disaster and the miraculous story of our survival spans the 2 year period following.  During that time on my face before Father, He shared some important tips.  One of them I would have never accepted from Him except under these circumstances.

I know that sounds bad, but it’s true.  I would have rebuked Him and treated Him like a demon at any other time.  But because all my barriers, all my rules, all my everything was laying on the floor alongside me, I could at least listen and begin to learn from Him something I’m going to share with you.

He told me yesterday to post this, that there are those who need it, but I put it in a file for future use because it drastically alters one of our strongest doctrines – that of tithe – and I was concerned that the backlash would be severe.  But He has assured me today that if I trust Him, then He will keep me safe.  And I believe Him because He always has.

I share this with you in my humble desire that it will be a blessing to everyone who reads it.


The 10 percent tithe is for you to put it in a savings account and leave there until you need to use it.  The key is to be faithful and diligent in putting the 10 percent in the account – always.  Whenever money comes, always put 10 percent there.  Treat this with the exact same respect you have treated the tithe you gave to churches and ministries.  It is still tithe.  But this is where it goes.secret key

You can take it out whenever you have an important need or an important want.  Either ‘need’ or ‘want’ is equally permissible, just be responsible in this decision.  Make sure it is truly important to you, and not frivolous.  You may also use this account to give to others.  It is the best place to give from.  But give with the same responsibility – not just frivolously, but because it is important and your heart has been touched on behalf of someone.

You are not stealing from God because you are doing exactly as He said.

You are the Temple.  The tithe is for the Temple.  It always has been.  The Jews do not pay tithe anymore because there is no Temple at this time and it would be sacrilegious to give tithe to the synagogue. It is equally wrong to give it to churches and ministries.  They are not the Temple – you are. This is an extremely important distinction in knowing your Identity.  (Synagogues survive by selling pews yearly to the congregation.)

You are also the Storehouse.  You are the place where heavenly food is stored up for the multitudes so they will not starve in their lean years.  You feed them the fruit of your stores of revelation, intimacy, gifts, and from the stores of your money.

For many years we had periods of financial struggle even though we paid tithe faithfully to our local ministry/church.  In the 10 years since Father gave us this key and we implemented it faithfully into our budget, we have not once found ourselves without the means to overcome any unforeseen expense or financial circumstance.  We have seen the blessing of Father on our finances increase a hundred fold.  We have been able to bless people in need far more than ever before and money has been there even for realizing special dreams.

This is the day-to-day responsibility of a good husbandman and steward and it does not negate Father’s sometimes miraculous ways.  He is still in the business of miracles, too.

May this be received in the Love it has been given and may you be blessed.

 ~  by Faith Living

“The Kingdom of Heaven at ROSE ROCK” by Faith Living.

Coming Soon!

This is ‘slightly in the future’ fiction about a homeless father and young son – invited by an Angel to step into ROSE ROCK, a community operating in ‘heaven on earth’ dynamics of supernatural proportions.

Estimated publish date after the 1st of the year 2016!

The Terrifying Colliding Planets

DREAM  (Sept 18, 2015)

4 planets were going to collide.  One was Earth, next was our Moon, and I don’t know the other two.  People around the world were aware that it was coming and everyone was full of terror.  I was afraid.  Everyone had given up hope and sank into overwhelming fear.colliding planets

I ran around yelling about speaking to the planets, frustrated that no one would speak to the planets.  Even my family on FB were scattered by fear and no one would listen. I attempted to speak to the planets myself, but my fear made my words ineffective.

I watched – we all watched – as these planets came into alignment.  We could see it with the naked eye as we all looked up watching.  Then the sky began to turn into a pinkish grey fog as they began colliding.


Asking Father for the interpretation was difficult because fear was still in my heart.  I can’t hear Him speak when fear is present.  As I recognized the fear was predominant, I went to my place of peace in Him and asked Him why I had dreamed of fear. He explained that not every dream is of His construction.  Some, like this one, was of my own construction.  Fear inside me had risen to the top of my consciousness.

As I pursue a path to realize the perfection of Him in me, fear still in residence will float to the surface.  If it’s been hiding deep inside, it won’t hide much longer.  Perfection is described as “perfect Love” and the enemy of perfection is fear.  Our enemy is not an outward evil entity.  Our enemy is within us.  It prevents our progression.

We stop in our tracks with fear – and it may come in one of 4 ways.  Fear can be disguised as “jealousy” (fear that someone else can grab the prize and leave me behind).  Or fear can be disguised as “illness” (fear that mortality is stronger than Life).  Or fear can be disguised as “low identity” (fear that I am not good enough to rise into perfection). Or fear can be disguised as “threat” (fear that I can’t control my surroundings). I don’t know that these are the primary 4 ways Fear demonstrates in everyone or if these have been the primary 4 ways Fear has demonstrated inside of me. That is for each of us to discover.

But I know the key to destroying Fear is exposure.  It doesn’t survive light.  So with courage we turn on the spotlight and let it burn away fear.  Just the same as we would with a child who is afraid of monsters under the bed or in the closet – shine the flashlight there until the fear evaporates and truth makes its home in the heart.


With this dream, I could have jumped to the conclusion that God was showing me the destruction of all life as we know it.  If I had concluded that this dream was prophetic to our physical planet Earth, then my reaction might have been to stomp my feet and scream to the world – to speak to the planets. This is what I was doing in the dream.  It could have turned into my goal.  I could have seen it as my mission – my commission.

But that is not what this dream was about.  It was not about announcing impending destruction of our physical world.  It was about understanding destruction, itself – the kind we see every day that comes from within us – the greatest enemy of all: Fear.  It was an allegorical dream –  demonstrating that Fear and Terror bring complete destruction.  No hope survives.  No life survives. Death has come.

This was a demonstration of the process that leads to death.  This is how it gains power.  But as we understand its ways, its path, we will understand how it will be swallowed up.  We will understand what swallows it and how to do it.

We learned that sin leads to death, therefore we tried to overcome sin. Then we understood that Jesus overcame sin but one sin remained – unbelief. Therefore if belief is faith, then unbelief is lack of faith, which is fear.  Fear is unbelief.

pure heart

Fear is the enemy.  Death is the result.  Destroying Fear by exposure means death is swallowed up in Light.

Without Fear, I can see truth.  And the truth is that the planets revolve within me.  That is why they can revolve outside me.  I am the seat, the throne, the temple, the kingdom of God, the Light of the world – because He is in me and I am in Him.

Nothing has the power to destroy Light.

“Be perfect as your Father in Heaven is perfect” Matt 5:48

“We’ll step out of our mortal (imperfect) clothes and slide into immortal (perfect) bodies” I Cor 15:53

Riding the Blood Red Horse

I had a vision of riding a horse at breakneck speed as it galloped along the edge of a cliff without touching the ground. It was made from the blood of God and I was covered from head to toe in that blood which made holding my seat on his back very blood red horsetricky. I’d slip and slide and nearly fell off several times. But gradually I learned the rhythm and learned how to hold on so I could ride with this amazing horse as it flew into the future. On and on it went without end. When I asked Father God how long this would continue, he only said “Well, forever, or if you prefer, I will let you know if it will change”

I learned that this was a picture of how my life would be from here on out. And I can witness that it is true. Nothing about my life is normal anymore. I exist in the miraculous all the time, constantly flying above the ground. Continue reading

Weapon’s grade

Please don’t tell me you’re mad at God and can’t speak to Him because He let Great Aunt Suzy die and she didn’t deserve it.  You can’t keep up this attitude or you’re going to die wrapped up in the same ignorance that let Aunt Suzy die.

God was talking to you from the moment you were conceived but you got too big for your britches and began ignoring Him.  He wanted to teach you how to win the temptations and trials you were going to face.  He wanted to show you how to whip some ugly butt.  He knows all the secrets of the universe.  He created it.  And He created you to learn the secrets – if you want to.  But He’ll never force you to spend time with Him, or listen to Him. Continue reading

This Side of Heaven

“We won’t know all the answers this side of heaven” is ‘the phrase’ I’ve received all my life in answer to many of my questions.  As a child, I concluded that no one had permission to ask questions.  Questions about life received short, pert sentences that inferred threat if this line of communication was pursued.  Questions about christianity were worse.  They received ‘the phrase’.

I reasoned that everything about christianity was secret and guarded by a God with a mean countenance, grouching out severe warnings about never asking again.

Today children question parents and receive an almost break-neck effort to supply answers, or at least tools to search.  Fear of questioning seems gone and thank God it is, because quite often my generation is still delivering ‘the phrase’. Continue reading


We just finished a week-long family event at our home. Almost 30 people from several states came and enjoyed being together. It was wonderful.

And it was a trial, although not for all the obvious reasons, save for one: religion. My family was raised Pentecostal/Charismatic and we all shared similar doctrines for most our lives. Then about 2-3 years ago, I began learning new things and my doctrines began changing.

I stepped out of the lines and did things like, umm, reading outside the usual doctrinal stuff. I read “Pagan Christianity,” by Frank Viola and George Barna. This book was one of the first to rock my status quo, and then it was “Raptureless,” by Jonathan Welton. Of course, there were many other authors in the mix like Maria Maddalena de Pazzi; hers was some rather obscure but enlightening material. Continue reading



In my dream, I was a young man in my early twenties trying to visit my twin brother in a mental health facility. (I’ll call myself Joe and my brother Jim.)

The receptionist told me I couldn’t see Jim because it was time for him to eat his dinner and then take his evening medications. She said I’d be wasting my time trying to talk to him after he’d taken meds.

It seemed she was quite intent to keep me from seeing him, so I pretended to leave the building. Instead, I hid around the corner listening as she and the home’s director went into Jim’s room. I heard them hurriedly feeding and medicating my brother. I also heard Jim whimper and cry quietly. There was no response from the receptionist or the director, the ones who should care about his welfare and happiness. Continue reading


Kings and queens will serve you and care for all your needs. They will bow to the earth before you and lick the dust from your feet. Then you will know that I am the LORD. Those who trust in me will never be put to shame.” (Isaiah 49:23)

This verse prompted me to say it out loud several times over the course of a couple of days period.  Then I saw it differently than I’ve ever seen it before. Continue reading

Eyes that Percieve Darkness?

In the last few days I’ve noticed posts despondent about the darkness, and prayers begging Light to rise up and win. The feeling is that these writers have taken a huge uppercut to the jaw of their faith.  In asking Father to bring judgment to this issue, their battlefield then moved into the courtroom. While praying for Light to overcome the darkness, new avenues of freedom opened up for their opponent. None of this looked like victory and appeared to be a terrible defeat. Their hearts were broken and their faith was wounded but they continued down the same path. They see their prayers bounce off the ceiling bringing opposite results but still they hold on and pray even louder and longer.
Even though the answer to their prayers are happening right before their eyes, they don’t see it.  As they proclaim the death of darkness and the advance of the Kingdom – it comes, but they would only perceive it if they took the glass they are optical illusionlooking through and flip it 180 degrees.

Continue reading